Walking in the Louvre – Modern Pyramid to Ancient Egypt


More than an art museum, the Louvre was also a royal palace for centuries. Discover a buried fortress, Egyptian mummies, and five-legged bulls.

The Louvre can be daunting. To bring it alive for kids, combine a selection of its art treasures with traces of its royal past. From rue de l’Amiral de Coligny, walk through the Cour Carrée (1) to see the palace’s Renaissance facades. Then go through the arch into the Cour Napoléon. Enter through the glass Pyramid (2), the museum’s modern entrance, a startling contrast to the historic architecture. Beneath the Pyramid, pick up a map at the information desk. Head to the Sully Wing to discover the thick walls and moat of the Medieval Louvre (3), a fortress buried right inside the present building. Most kids love the Ancient Egypt exhibit (4) located on the floor above. Admire the giant sphinx and learn about burial rites and mummification. (Explanation cards in several languages are available in each room.) Locate the cat and bird mummies. Another floor up, enter the Mastaba of Akhethotep, a tiny pyramid from ca. 2400 B.C. Return downstairs to visit the Oriental Antiquities department, where the massive Cour de Khorsabad (5) holds winged Assyrian bulls. Count their legs. Do you notice anything strange? Nearby are two courtyards full of french sculpture – don’t miss the lively Horses of Marly (6). Follow exit signs for the Pyramid back to the shopping hallway. In the Carrousel du Louvre underground shopping mall, the Louvre Children’s Bookshop (7) carries titles in English. Finish up at the Universal Resto (8), which offers cuisines from across the globe.

Metro Station : Louvre-Rivoli (line 1), Palais Royal (line 1, 7)