Montmartre Paris

Walking in Montmartre

This hilly walk around the artistic and picturesque old village of Montmartre has great views and lots of stairs – best not to do this one with a stroller.

Enter the garden at the end of place des Abbesses to see the Je t’aime wall (1) , a tile mural that reads “I love you” in 311 languages. Head west onto rue des Abbesses, then turn right onto rue Ravignan, taking the stairs into place Emile Godeau. You may see street musicians here. Go up the stairs on rue de la Mire, turning right onto rue Norvins and right onto rue Poulbot. Kids love the Surrealist vision of Spanish artist Salvator Dali, which surrounds visitors at the Espace Dali (2, 11 rue Poulbot) through his book illustrations and bronze sculptures. Look for the Space Elephant and the Melting Clock, both based on his paintings.

Continue around to the left to place du Tertre (3) – the original Montmartre village square. It’s filled with tourists, but children will enjoy watching the artists painting here and can have their portrait done on the spot. Take rue Saint-Eleuthère out the opposite side of the square and turn left onto rue Azaïs, which brings you to Sacré-Coeur (4). The main attraction is the incredible panorama of the city from the terrace in front, but do pop inside to see the mosaics. Descend the hill in the funicular or meander down through the gardens on the eastern side of the big staircase to square Louise Michel (5). Turn left to reach Halle Saint-Pierre (6, 2 rue Ronsard), an old market hall that hosts exhibitions of outsider art – children often appreciate these works by self-taught artists. Wrap up with cakes (try the stripey tigrés) in the tearoom Couderc (7, 1 bis rue Tardieu).


Metro Station : Anvers (Line2), Abbesses (Line 12)