Parc Andre Citroen Paris

Walking around the Parc André Citroen and Allée des Cygnes

Visit an imaginative modern park, get a bird’s-eye view of Paris, and view the Statue of Liberty.

Walk down rue Balard to Parc André Citroen with its many bridges, waterfalls, and entertaining themed gardens. Start east of rue Balard with a visit to the white garden (1), which has a playground. Across the road, the main park stretches west from the two big greenhouses toward the river. In summer, the computer – controlled fountains (2) on the esplanade fill up with kids splashing in the jets, which change height without warning . Children will enjoy running around on the central lawn (3) and exploring the six color-themed gardens along the eastern  side (4) – most fun is the silver garden with its wooden stepping-stones. Toward the river, the wild garden (5) – where wildflowers, bamboo, and bushes are left to grow rampant – is great for playing hide-and-seek. Tethered on the lawn, the Eutelsat Balloon (6) is a huge helium balloon that carries passengers 492 feet into the sky in a doughnut-shaped basket for a bird’s-eye view of Paris. To prolong your walk, go through the gates to the Seine and turn right onto port de Javel along the riverside footpath. At Pont Mirabeau climb up the bridge for a view of a scaled-down replica of the Statue of Liberty (America’s gift to France in 1889) that faces the original in New York (France’s gift to America in 1886). It stands at the western tip of a narrow island called Allée des Cygnes.


Metro Station : Balard (Line 8), Javel (Line 10)