Tour Montparnasse

Walking around Montparnasse

Zoom up a skyscraper, visit the crêperie heartland of Paris, and explore the home and studio of a famous sculptor.

At the Musée Bourdelle (1, 16 rue Antoine Bourdelle), kids can see sculptures and experience the work space of Antoine Bourdelle, which still contains its old stove and objects that inspired him back in the 1920s. Exit the museum and turn left, then turn right onto avenue du Maine and cross rue de l’Arrivée to Montparnasse train station (where there’s an ice rink in winter) and the Tour Montparnasse (2). The fastest elevator in Europe whizzes you up to the 56th floor in 38 seconds for a fabulous view of the city. Labeled photos indicate the main sights, and there are interactive touchscreen quizzes, a café, and a souvenir shop. Climb another three stories to the open-air viewing deck (it’s fenced in but can get windy). Leave by the rue du Départ exit and cross onto boulevard Edgar Quinet, where an arts and crafts market is open all day Sunday. Turn left down rue Montparnasse, which is lined with crêperies. Crêperie de Josselin (3, 67 rue du Montparnasse) and Crêperie de Plougastel (4, 47 rue du Montparnasse) are among the best. Or turn right onto boulevard du Montparnasse for celebrated brasserie La Coupôle (5, 102 boulevard du Montparnasse). If you don’t want a full meal, sit in the window section, where sandwiches and ice cream sundaes are served all day. As you leave, turn right, then left onto boulevard Raspail and right onto rue Bréa, which, along with adjoining rue Vavin, has several children’s shop, including Petit Bateau (6, 26 rue Vavin), for T-shirts and pajamas, and FNAC Eveil et Jeux (7, 19 rue Vavin), for books, DVDs, and toys. Continue to the Jardins du Luxembourg.


Metro Station : Vavin (Line 4), Edgar Quinet (Line 6), Montparnasse-Bienvenue (Line 4, 6, 12, 13), Falguière (Line 12), Gaité (Line 13)